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Steering Angle Sensor

What is a Steering Angle Sensor? A steering angle sensor (SAS) is part of a vehicle’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). ADAS features include a stability control system, emergency braking, and lane-keep assist systems, adaptive cruise control and other safety features. The steering angle sensor connects to the steering shaft and reports either analog or digital data to the vehicle’s stability control system. When the vehicle is aligned, the SAS is calibrated to the straight-ahead position. Once the vehicle is in motion, the stability control system compares the direction the … Read More

Steering angle sensor

Steering angle sensor and calibration In order for collision avoidance systems (Advanced driver-assistance systems or ADAS) to work properly, the system must first know the driver’s intention. If you intend to change lanes and the system knows that, it won’t make the false assumption that you’re making an unintended lane change. So how do you let ADAS? Well, one critical component is the steering angle sensor. What is a steering angle sensor? The steering angle sensor (SAS) is mounted on the steering column. It’s calibrated when installed to tell ADAS … Read More

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