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Uneven brake pad wear causes

What causes uneven brake pad wear Most common causes of uneven Brake Pad Wear If you’re doing a brake job or having it done professionally and learn that you have uneven brake pad wear, here’s what to look for. First, let’s get out terminology straight: The inboard pad is the pad that’s pushed against the rotor by the caliper piston. The outboard pad (on a floating caliper brake system) is the pad that’s pulled into the rotor by the movement of the caliper. Different types of uneven brake pad wear … Read More

Uneven brake pad wear – GM vehicles

Fix Uneven brake pad wear – GM Vehicles Uneven brake pad wear on 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt after brake job. HHR, Pontiac pursuit, Pontiac G5 after brake job. When a repair fails after you’ve follow the procedures to the letter, it’s time to stop and check the factory service bulletins for updated parts or procedures. You can subscribe to an online service like eautorepair.net or alldatadiy.com for about $30/year. Then you can access repair procedures, service bulletins, and wiring diagrams. The service bulletins alone can save you a lot of time and … Read More

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