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Universal coolant?

Is it OK to use universal coolant? No. Several coolant manufacturers claim their coolant works in all makes and all models. In other words, they want you to think their product is a universal coolant/antifreeze. I’ve got news for you; there’s no such thing. There CANT be because the metal alloys, plastics and seals are different in every engine. There are many different types of coolant and each one has a different type of anti-corrosion additive. Some are good for aluminum alloys while others are best for cast iron. Still … Read More

Is DexCool bad

DexCool problems Mechanics say they hate DexCool and blame it for all kinds of problems. Most aren’t the fault of DexCool. Here’s the REAL scoop on Dex-Cool and coolants in general. First some history Most of the older green coolants were silicate based. Their primary job was to prevent freezing. But they also had additives to prevent corrosion. In the case of the green coolants, the silicates deposit on metal surfaces to “PASSIVATE” them. In other words, the silicate coats the metal parts to prevent electrolysis. The problem with silicate … Read More

Which antifreeze do I use?

Which antifreeze do I use There are many different types and colors of antifreeze. But only one is right for your particular engine. Using the wrong antifreeze or mixing different types of antifreeze can damage your engine and cooling system. When people ask this question I always answer the same way. Use what the car maker recommends. There is no such thing as a universal coolant. So, if you own a late model GM vehicle, use DexCool. For any other car brand, go to the dealer and buy the factory … Read More

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