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Toyota 2.5 liter firing order and spark plug gap — 2AR-FE engine

Toyota 2.5 liter firing order and spark plug gap

Here is a Toyota 2.5 liter firing order engine layout diagram

If you’re doing a tune-up, you’ll need the Toyota 2.5-liter firing order engine layout diagram

Toyota 2.5 2AR-FE

Toyota 2.5 liter spark plug gap

Denso SK16HR11 Iridium Spark Plug
Spark plug torque: 18 lb-ft
Ignition Coil torque: 7 ft/lb
NOTE: Spark plug number, gap and torque may vary by model year. Confirm with your owner’s manual or shop manual

Toyota 2.5 liter engine specifications

Cylinder block material: Aluminum
Cylinder head material: Aluminum
Fuel type: Gasoline
Fuel system: Multiport Fuel injection
Valves per cylinder: 4 DOHC
Four-stroke: naturally-aspirated
Compression Ratio: 10.4:1
Horsepower: 169-180 hp

Toyota 2.5 liter engine oil specifications

Engine oil weight: 5W-30
Engine oil capacity: 4.65-qt
Oil change interval: 6,000 (15,000 km) /12 month

Toyota 2.5 Engine Applications

Toyota Camry
Toyota RAV4
Scion tC
Lexus ES300h
Lexus GS300h
Lexus IS300h
Lexus NX300h
Toyota Alphard
Toyota Harrier
Toyota Camry Hybrid
Toyota Avalon Hybrid
Toyota RAV4 Hybrid
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