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VW surge and misfires

Fix VW surge and misfires

VW has issued a service bulletin #13 17 03 to address VW surge and misfires on the vehicles listed below. The vehicle may experience a surging idle, Misfire codes P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, and P0100.

Diagnose VW surge and misfires

Start by inspecting the intake system for leaks. If the system checks out with no leaks, block off the crankcase ventilation system with the engine running. A failed crankcase breather is the most common cause of the air leak. However, the failed crankcase breather can cause the rear main seal to leak.

If the idle quality improves, you probably have an air leak in the system or a failed crankcase breather regulator valve. Shops are finding failed rear main seals creating an air leak. Using a smoke machine, pressurize the crankcase through the oil dipstick tube and check for smoke leaving the transmission housing.

If the rear main seal is leaking, closely examine the seal to determine whether it is an air side sealing lip style or an oil side sealing lip with a dust seal.

Vehicles affected by VW service bulletin #13 17 03

2013-17 2.0T CPLA and CPPA engines
2014-17 1.8T CPRA, CPKA engines
2015 2.0T CNTA engine
2015 1.8T CNSA, CNSB engines
2015-17 1.8T CXBA, CXBB engines
2015-17 2.0T CXCA, CXCB engines
2008-17 2.oT CCTA, CBFA engines
2018 2.0T CCTA engine

What VW service bulletin #13 17 03 covers

The service bulletin includes proper installation procedures for the oil side sealing lip seal style. The installation requires a special guide piece T101022/1 and a special crankshaft seal installer T10122/6A

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