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White exhaust and misfire codes Ford Escape, Ford Fusion

What causes white smoke and misfire codes on Ford Escape vehicles?

Ford has issued a service bulletin #17-0028 to address a problem with Ford Escape (model years listed below) where the driver notices white exhaust and retrieves any of the following trouble codes:

P0217 P0217 Engine Overtemp Condition

P0300 Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected

P0301 Cylinder 1 Misfire Detected

P0302 Cylinder 2 Misfire Detected

P0303 Cylinder 3 Misfire Detected

P0304 Cylinder 4 Misfire Detected P0316

P1299 Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor Detected Engine Overheating Condition

The bulletin applies to 2014-2017 Ford Fusion and 2017 Ford Escape models with the 1.5L GTDI turbocharged engine. Ford has determined that the white exhaust condition is most likely caused by an intake manifold bolt that has backed out and damaged the charge air cooler.

white exhaust Ford Escape

Charge air coooler

The charge air cooler removes heat from the compressed air after it has left the turbo but before it enters the throttle body. Ford runs engine coolant through the charge air cooler and if the cooler is damaged, the airflow can pull coolant into the engine where it’s burned, causing the white smoke.

The fix involves replacing the intake manifold, bolts, and the charge air cooler. The bulletin applies to vehicles with above 10K

white exhaust Ford Fusion

Intake manifold

miles. The repair should be covered by the powertrain warranty but Ford has NOT extended the warranty beyond the original terms. It you’re past the powertrain warranty, you’ll have to pay for the parts and labor yourself.

Diagnose the cause of white exhaust

Ford recommends starting your diagnosis by performing a cooling system pressure test. Attach the pressure gauge and pressurize the cooling system. If the cooling system holds pressure for 5-mins, this bulleting doesn’t apply. If pressure drops, continue your diagnosis.

Check for coolant on the intake manifold

Disconnect the throttle body inlet pipe and set aside. Then disconnect the charge air temperature sensor. Loosen the pipe clamps and remove the throttle body rubber connector. Check inside the intake manifold. Ford says that the presence of engine oil in the bottom of the intake manifold is NORMAL. Don’t confuse the presence of oil with coolant. However, if you notice coolant, then you must replace the intake manifold and charge air cooler.

Here are the new part numbers

DS7Z-9424-G Intake manifold for 2014-17 Ford Fusion

GS7Z-8620-A Stretchy belt for 2017 Fusion built on or after Sep 24, 2016

W708728-S442 Engine mount bolt for 2014-17 Fusion (2 needed)

W710807-S442 Engine mount nut for 2014-17 Fusion (3 needed)

DS7Z-9424-J Intake Manifold for 2017 Escape

F1EZ-8620A Stretchy belt for 2017 Escape built on or after July 18, 2016

5F9Z-4682-AA Rear driveshaft bolt 2017 Escape (6 needed)

W716136-S442 Engine mount bolt 2017 Escape (2 needed)

W520103-S403 Exhaust nut Escape (2 needed)

W520103-S442 Exhaust nut Fusion (2 needed)

DS7Z-9439-A Intake manifold gasket

DS7Z-9L438-A Charge air cooler gasket

DS7Z-0e036-A Throttle body gasket

DS7Z-6K775-A Charge air cooler

CV6Z-9450-D Exhaust gasket

W708873-S437 Engine mount stud

DS7Z-19B596-A AC O-rings

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