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Why you need this master line disconnect set

A master line disconnect set allows you to work on AC, fuel, heater, transmission, and oil lines

All late model vehicles use some kind of snap-together line connectors on their AC, fuel, transmission and oil lines. It’s not impossible to disconnect them without this master line disconnect set, but it’s certainly much harder without the right tools. Worse than taking a lot more time, using picks to dislodge the locks on these connectors can damage them. Then you’re in a whole world of hurt.

This master line disconnect set from OrionMotorTech has everything you need to work on domestic and some import vehicles

The OrionMotorTech tool set provides a comprehensive kit for separating standard sizes of automotive AC hoses and fuel lines, suitable for a large variety of domestic vehicles from Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and more. This 25pc Line Disconnect Tool Kit works on A/C Fuel & Transmission Systems on Ford Chevy GM more.

Disconnect just about every type of fuel line, air conditioning line, radiator hose, and heater hose sized: 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, and 7/8″ line and hose removers cover all the most needed SAE sizes

Master line disconnect set

25- piece Master line disconnect set from OrionMotorTech.com

fuel line disconnect tool
How to use line disconnect tools

For garter spring connector, simply open the tool, slide it onto the line and push it into the connector. The tool will push the garter spring out of the way, allowing you to pull the line out of the connector.

For quick detach connectors, slide the tool onto the line and push it into the plastic tab locks to disengage them from the line. Then pull the line out of the connect.

Other lines may require you to insert the tools and rotate to release the locking tabs.

Rick’s take on this tool kit

OrionMotorTech provided this kit for me to try. I used in on a fuel line and it worked perfectly. I’ve have an old set of line disconnect tools and these are every bit as good as the set I bought off the tool trucks years ago.

Find the tool set on Amazon for $30

Tool trucks sell this kit for almost $60, but you can get yours for $30 on Amazon

NOTE: The amazon link above is NOT an affiliate link. I do not receive a commission on tools bought through this link. In addition, I did not get paid by OrionMotorTech to write this article.

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