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2008 Ford Escape Switch Locations

2008 Ford Escape Switch Locations

This listing for Switch Locations shows the most asked fuel cutoff switchfor Inertia Fuel Fuel Cutoff switch, AC cycling switch as well as the transmission neutral/park/range/control switch.

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2008 Ford Escape Switch Locations and 2008 Mercury Mariner Switch Locations

A/C Cycling Switch Right rear of engine compartment.
Brake Fluid Level Switch On brake fluid reservoir.
Brake Pedal Position Switch On bracket, above brake pedal.
Clutch Cutoff Switch On bracket, above clutch pedal.
Clutch Switch On bracket, above clutch pedal.
Deactivation Switch Behind left side of instrument panel, near pedal support.
Dual Pressure Switch Right front of engine compartment.
Horn Switch In steering wheel assembly.
Ignition Switch On steering column.
Inertia Fuel Shutoff (IFS) Switch At right kick panel.
Liftgate Ajar Switch Bottom center of liftgate.
Liftgate Glass Ajar Switch Center of liftgate.
Liftgate Glass Release Center of liftgate.
Liftgate Release Switch In center of liftgate.
Multifunction Switch In steering column.
Oil Pressure Switch (2.3L) Left rear of engine block.
Oil Pressure Switch (3.0L) Left side of engine.
Park Brake Switch At base of park brake lever.
Reversing Lamps Switch Top of transmission.
Safety Belt Buckle Switch (Driver) At side of driver’s seat.
Safety Belt Buckle Switch (Passenger) Base of passenger’s seat.
Seat Control Switch In seat bottom.

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