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2009 Ford Explorer Relay Locations

2009 Ford Explorer Relay Locations

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AC compressor relay





Accessory Delay Relay Smart junction box.

A/C Clutch Relay Battery junction box.  

Auxiliary Blower Motor Relay Auxiliary blower motor assembly.  

Blower Motor Relay 1 Battery junction box.  

Blower Motor Relay 2 Front of HVAC unit.  

Fog light Relay Battery junction box.  

Fuel Pump Relay Battery junction box.  

Heated Relay Box 1 Auxiliary relay box 1.  

Park light Relay Smart junction box.  

PCM Power Relay Battery junction box.  

Rear Window Defrost Relay Smart junction box.  

Run/Start Relay Smart junction box.  

Starter Relay Battery junction box.  

Third Row Folding Seat Relay (Left) Left rear of vehicle.  

Third Row Folding Seat Relay (Right) Right rear of vehicle.  

Trailer Tow Relay, Battery Charge Battery junction box.  

Windshield Wiper Relay Battery junction box.  

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