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2012 Fusion Fuse Diagram: Exploring the Fuse Boxes

2012 Fusion Fuse Diagram: Find the correct fuse for the circuit you’re working on

This 2012 Fusion Fuse Diagram post shows two fuse boxes: the Battery Junction Box/Power Distribution Box located under the hood and the Smart Junction Box/Passenger Compartment Fuse Panel

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2012 Fusion Fuse Diagram for Battery Junction Box/ Power Distribution Box

Housed within the engine compartment, the power distribution box is a crucial component safeguarding your vehicle’s primary electrical systems from potential overloads. It contains high-capacity fuses designed to interrupt excessive currents, thereby preventing damage to vital electronic components and ensuring the reliable operation of your automobile’s intricate electrical network.

2012 ford fusion under hood fuse box

How to find your fuse and the devices served by that fuse

There are 58 fuse slots in the Battery Junction Box/Power Distribution Box. The chart shows only 10 to speed up load time. Here’s how to find the fuse and circuit you want.
1) Change the number of entries showing (in the Show Entries Box) to 100 and scroll the list.
2) Enter the name of the component you’re searching for in the Search box.
3) Use the Next/Previous buttons at the bottom of the table
This image shows how to navigate the table below

Fuse numberAmperageCircuits protected
F150Power Steering Control Module (PSCM))
F250Power Steering Control Module (PSCM))
F340PCM power relay
F4Not used
F530Starter relay
F640Defrost relay
F7Not used
F840Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) module
F920Windshield wiper module
F1030Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) modul
F11Not used
F1230Dual Climate Controlled Seat Module (DCSM)
F13Not used
F14Not used
F15Not used
F16156 Speed AW21 Transmission Control Module (TCM)
F18Not used
F19Not used
F2020Audio Digital Signal Processing (DSP) module, Audio amplifier
F2120Audio Digital Signal Processing (DSP) module, Audio amplifier
F2220Power point
F2310Powertrain Control Module (PCM), EVAP canister vent control solenoid
F24Not used
F2510A/C clutch relay
F2615High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamp relay, left
F2715High Intensity Discharge (HID) Headlamp relay, right
F2860/80Engine cooling fan motor (2.5L & 3.0L)/Cooling fan (3.5L)
F2920Cigar lighter, front
F3030Fuel pump relay
F3130Seat control switch, passenger side front
F3230Seat control switch, driver side front, Driver Seat Module (DSM)
F3320Roof opening panel module
F34Not used
F3540Blower motor relay
F361A DiodeFuel pump diode
F381A DiodeOne Touch Integrated Start (OTIS) diode
F3710Exterior rear view mirror, LH and RH side
F39Not used
F40Not used
F41G8VA relayBackup lamps
F42Not used
F43G8VA relayA/C clutch
F44Not used
F4515Fuel injectors, Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
F4615Powertrain Control Module (PCM)
F4710A/C clutch relay, Floor shifter, Heated PCV valve, Reverse lamp relay
F4815Coil on plugs, Ignition transformer capacitor 1
F4915/20EVAP canister purge valve, Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) solenoid 1 and 2 ((2.5L & 3.5L)/ 3.0L,
F50Not used
F51Not used
F52Full ISO relayBlower motor relay
F53Full ISO relayRear defrost relay
F54Full ISO relayFuel relay
F55Full ISO relayStarter relay
F56Not used
F57Full ISO relayPCM relay
F58Not used

2012 Fusion Fuse Diagram for Smart Junction Box

The cabin fuse box is located beneath the steering wheel, adjacent to the brake pedal. To gain entry to the individual fuses, simply remove the protective panel cover and locate the fuse for the circuit you’re working on.

2012 ford fusion instrument panel fuse box

Fuse numberAmperageCircuits protected
F130Power window motor, left front
F215Brake Pedal Position (BPP) switch
F315Not used (Spare)
F430Power window motor, right front
F510SJB logic, Keypad switch assembly, Floor shifter
F620Park/Turn lamp, left front and right front,
Turn lamp, left rear and right rear, Park/Turn lamp, left rear and right rear
F710Headlamp, left, High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamp relay, left
F810Headlamp, right, High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamp relay, right
F915Interior lamp, front and rear
Overhead lighting, Scuff plate lamp, left and right front
F1015Exterior rear view mirror LH and RH side, Dimmer switch, Hazard flasher switch, Traction
control/Ambient lighting switch, Message center switch, Clockspring, Main light switch,
Floor shifter, Ambient select switch, Luggage compartment lid release switch
F11104X4 control module
F127.5Driver Seat Module (DSM), Seat control switch, driver side front,
Driver Door Module (DDM), Exterior rear view mirror switch
F135SYNC module
F1410Electronic finish panel (EFP) radio and climate control buttons
module, Navigation display, Center
information display, GPS module
F1510HVAC-EMTC, HVAC-DATC, Climate control
F1615Not used (spare)
F1720All lock relay, All unlock relay, Driver unlock relay, Luggage compartment lid release relay,
Power window motor, left and right front, Roof opening panel module Luggage compartment
lid release solenoid/ajar switch, Door lock actuators
F1820Heated seat module, front
F1925Audio Digital Signal Processing (DSP) module/ Amplifier
F2015Data Link Connector (DLC)
F2115Fog lamp relay
F2215Park lamp relay
F2315High beam relay
F2420Horn relay
F2510Demand lamp/Battery saver relay
F2610Instrument Panel Cluster (IPC)
F2720Ignition switch
F285Audio Control Module (ACM)
F295Instrument Panel Cluster (IC)
F305Not used (spare)
F3110Not used (spare)
F3210Restraints Control Module (RCM)
F3310Not used (spare)
F345Not used (spare)
F35104X4 control module, Parking Aid Module (PAM), Rear view camera,
Heated seat module, front, Side Obstacle Detection (SOD) sensor, left and right rear
F365Passive anti-theft transceiver
F3810Not used (spare)
F3720Not used (spare)
F3920Audio Control Module (ACM), Radio
F4020Not used (spare)
F4115Master window control switch, Door lock switch, driver and passenger, Window control
switch passenger, Roof opening panel switch, Roof opening panel module, Auto-dimming
interior mirror, Cigar lighter, front, Traction control/Ambient lighting switch, Ambient
lighting module, Ambient select switch
F4210ABS module, Headlamp, left and right, Headlamp Control Module (HCM), Power Steering
Control Module (PSCM)
F4310Rain sensor module
F4410Fuel pump diode, Powertrain Control Module (PCM), 6 speed AW21 Transmission Control
Module (TCM)
F455Defrost relay, Blower motor relay, Windshield wiper module
F467.5Occupant Classification System Module (OCSM), Passenger Air Bag Deactivation (PAD)
indicator, Front Control Interface Module (FCIM)
F4730 c.b.Master window control switch, Window control switch, passenger side
F48 0151Delayed accessory relay
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