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ABS light on and no start

My ABS light is on and it won’t start

GM has issued a TSB #00-06-04-049B to address a problem where the vehicle has ABS light on and no start, the check engine light is on or lights intermittently, ABS light is on, and the engine will not start. The TSB applies to 1997-03 Buick Century, Regal Built Prior to 2/03, 2000-03 Chevrolet Impala, Monte Carlo Built Prior to 2/03, 1999-01 Pontiac Grand Prix Built Prior to 10/1/00-VIN Breakpoint 1F136536

The full list of symptoms include:
ABS light on
Service Engine Soon light on or intermittent
No start
Starts and stalls soon after start up
Various electrical system failure
Poor operation/drivability is poor

These problems can be traced to the wiring harness where it chaffs against the mounting ring on the air conditioning accumulator. The accumulator is a large aluminum color canister. Inspect the wiring harness in that area and look for any damaged wire insulation and repair with heat shrinkable tubing or 3M Electrical Moisture Sealant Patches #06149. After repairing the wires, wrap the entire contact area with friction tape (not electricians tape)

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