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ABS wiring harness repair

How to perform an ABS wiring harness repair

All car makers are experiencing problems with ABS wheel and speed sensors and the ABS wiring harnesses. The harsh conditions along with continual up/down and right/left motion contributes to broken and frayed wires. That will light up the ABS light. You can replace the wiring harness with a factory unit or a Dorman Products replacement.

If you decide to do an ABS wiring harness repair

However, if you decide to repair the broken wire, you MUST solder it. Do NOT use a crimp connector. The electrical signals running through the ABS wiring harness is low voltage and ANY signal loss or voltage drop induced by a crimp connector is enough to create a complete signal loss.

So clean all wires in the splice and use a quality electronics solder. Then cover the splice with shrink tubing or 3M Electrical Moisture 3M Electrical Moisture Sealant TapeSealant Tape. The 3M tape is literally a thick coating of adhesive. Slice off a piece and wrap it around the splice. The thick adhesive sticks to itself and seals out all moisture. It’s much better than traditional electrician’s tape.

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