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Acura battery dead in morning

Why is Acura battery dead in morning?

Acura battery dead may be caused by defective handsfree link module

Mid 2000 Acura vehicles are known for a problem with the

acura battery dead in morning

Acura Handsfree Link Module

handsfree link module. The Acura handsfree link module can fail in the always paired mode, causing an Acura battery dead in morning condition. Depending on the year and model, the handsfree link module can be located at the rear of the console or in the overhead switches behind the sunroof switches.

Diagnose Acura battery dead in morning due to handsfree link module

Even though a failed handsfree module is the most common failure that causes a dead battery, there can be other causes. The easiest way to narrow the problem to the HFL module is to gain access to it and just touch it. If it is in permanently paired mode, the module will be warm to the touch. If yours is cool, look elsewhere for the cause of your battery drain.

acura handsfree link module

HFL module located in center console

acura HFL module

HFl module located in overheard console

Acura handsfree link module repair options

If the HFL module is warm, you have four options:

1)      Disconnect the electrical connector and live without it

2)      Disassemble the module and replace the defective capacitor (see youtube link below)

3)      Buy a rebuilt unit from ebay

4)      Buy a new unit from Acura

Repair your handsfree link module

You’ll need a 22uF 50V high temperature capacitor, a solder removal wick or removal tool, soldering gun and resin core solder. Find the capacitor here. Shipping will cost more than the part. Find the complete instructions here.

Buy a solder sucker and wick from Amazon

If you’re interested in joining the class action lawasuit against Acura, read this post.

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