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Are split CV boots any good?

Do split CV boots last?

Split CV boots, also known as quick-boot kits, are designed as an alternative solution for repairing damaged CV (constant velocity) joint boots without having to remove the entire axle shaft. Traditional CV boots are sealed flexible covers that protect the CV joints from debris, dirt, and moisture, maintaining the joint’s lubrication and overall performance. Split CV boots, on the other hand, have a pre-cut seam that allows them to be installed without completely disassembling the axle.

The main advantage of split CV boots is the ease of installation compared to replacing the entire CV joint or axle shaft. They can save you time and money by avoiding the need to remove and disassemble the axle assembly.

Split CV boots don’t last long

However, the effectiveness of split CV boots can be a subject of debate, and their performance can vary depending on several factors:

Split CV boots are often considered a temporary fix to address a torn or damaged CV joint boot. They are meant to provide a quick solution to prevent further damage while buying time before a more permanent repair can be carried out.

They simply don’t provide the same level of durability and longevity as traditional, one-piece boots. The split seam can potentially become a weak point, making it more susceptible to wear and tear over time. The reduced sealing ability could lead to increased wear on the CV joint and potential contamination of the lubricating grease inside.

Glued style split CV boots can be challenging to install

Installing a split CV boot would be a breeze if you didn’t also have split cv boot kitto add grease to the joint. The problem is,  you have to add a full package of grease to the new boot kit and then you have to try and glue the seams together. If you get any grease on the seams, you have to remove the boot and clean it because the glue will never hold with grease o on the seam.

Bolted split CV boots can cause vibration and have a short life

Several companies make split CV boots that join together with metal plates and bolts. That eliminates the issue of trying to glue a boot while also bolted split cv boot kit filling it with grease. But the metal plates, rubber flange and bolts cause the boot to be out of balance and restrict its ability to flex in turns. So you will likely encounter vibration when installing a bolted CV boot, and you should expect it to fail early.

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