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Automotive lock out kit

Automotive lock out kit

If you have family members that are constantly locked out of the car, invest in an automotive lock out kit.

Steck Manufacturing is the #1 provider of automotive lock out kits.

auto lockout kit

How to use an auto lockout kit to open a car door after you’ve been locked out of car

1) Use the nylon wedge at the top corner of the door to pry it open enough to insert the pull rod.
2) If you own the Steck 32955 kit, slide the inflatable wedge along the top edge of the door to gain a wider gap to maneuver the pull tool.
3) Slide the paint protector onto the pull rod.
4) Insert the pull rod and paint protector into the gap between the door and pillar and maneuver it to operate the power door lock switch. With the door unlocked, simply operate the exterior door handle.
5) If the vehicle doesn’t have power door locks or they don’t work, use the pull rod to pull the interior handle to open the door.

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