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Bumper clips and auto body fasteners

How to remove, reuse and buy new bumper clips and auto body fasteners

Bumper clips, Autobody Clips, Push rivets, Expansion screws

Carmakers use all kinds of plastic fasteners to attach under-engine covers, splash shields, tire well liners, and grille parts. Each style poses its own challenges to remove. However, the one I hear the most complaints about is the screw rivet.

How to remove a screw rivet fastener

The center portion contains a Philips head. You can try unscrewing the center portion and if it backs out, fine. If it doesn’t don’t put any more time into trying to unscrew it. Just insert a pick between the screw head and the base portion and pry it up. With the center portion up, you can remove the bottom portion easily.

Rick’s Advice on replacing a screw rivet. Once it’s out, throw it away and use any other type of rivet in its place. Just find a push rivet with the same diameter so you never have to deal with this horrible design ever again.

screw rivet

Remove a screw rivet with a pick

How to remove a Christmas Tree Fastener

Using a plastic fastener removal tool, slide the jaws under the fastener and pry straight up

christmas tree fastener

How to remove a push rivet

The center portion on these rivets just pulls straight up. You can wrestle them up with a screwdriver, but it’s much easier to use a tool designed for this. The Lisle Tools #42810 has hook jaws to grab the center portion and pull it straight up.

push rivet and tools

Where to get bumper clips and push and screw rivets

Bumper clips can be purchased individually from the dealer, in small packs from auto parts stores, or in kits from online suppliers or amazon

bumper clip assortment

Bumper clip assortment from Amazon

Bumper Push Fasteners Rivet Clips Expansion Screws

autobody clips
Extruded U-nuts, speed nuts

extruded U nuts

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