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Caravan instrument panel lights not working

Diagnose and fix Caravan instrument panel lights not working

A Caravan instrument panel lights not working condition can be caused by a fuse, wiring harness, grounding, digital bus or defective instrument cluster problem. Always start your diagnosis by checking the fuses. The wiring diagrams are different based on year and model, but the caravan wiring diagram shown here is for a 2009 Grand Caravan.

instrument panel wiring diagram

Caravan instrument panel wiring diagram

Caravan Instrument panel lights

The instrument cluster in late model Chrysler vehicles contain analog and electro-mechanical instrument cluster gauges (EMIC). The instrument cluster also contains the body control module and is referred to as the Cab Compartment Node (CCN). It is connected to the digital bus in the vehicle. In addition to the analog and EMIC gauges, the instrument cluster also contains a blue-green digital Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) unit. The VFD displays:

• odometer/trip odometer information

•automatic transmission gear selector position (PRNDL)

• several warning or reminder indications and certain diagnostic information.

On premium models, the instrument cluster may contain a second VFD unit. This VFD displays:

• Compass Mini-Trip Computer (CMTC)

• Electronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC)

The VFD displays are dot matrix displays and fixed segment units.

Caravan instrument panel lights

To light the gauges, Chrysler may use a Light Emitting Diode (LED) for each cluster indicator. On base model instrument panels, you’ll find several LED units for general cluster illumination. However, the premium models use an electro-luminescent lamp unit for general cluster illumination.

The underlying layer of the instrument panel is opaque and allows light from the LED for each of the gauges. The LED general illumination lamps are visible through the outer layer of the overlay through stencil-like cutouts.

Caravan instrument panel lights not working

After you ‘ve checked the fuses to the instrument cluster, check for battery power on terminals 1, 5 & 6 of the C1 connector for the instrument panel. Then check for good ground on terminals 8, 9 & 10 of the C1 connector. If you don’t find good ground on those terminals, check the condition of ground G201 behind the instrument panel.

Replace bulbs in Caravan instrument panel

Each indicator in the EMIC, is lit by a dedicated LED. These LEDs are soldered onto the circuit board and ARE NOT SERVICABLE!. Chrysler does NOT sell replacement LEDs. If you have power and ground to the instrument panel and the LEDs do not work, you must replace the entire instrument panel with a rebuilt unit. The same is true if one of the VFD units fails.

Where to find replacement instrument panels

Many rebuilders off replacement instrument panels for the same or less cost than a local junkyard. Because the instrument panels contain the body control module and are a node, they must be programmed to your exact VIN. A rebuilder can do that for you. Do not install a junkyard instrument panel and expect it to work properly without programming.

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