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Caravan runs rough, Town & Country runs rough

Fix Caravan runs rough, Town & Country runs rough

If you have a Caravan runs rough or Town & Country runs rough, check out these possibilities. Chrysler products are know for their issues with

caravan rough idle

Crankshaft position sensor

crankshaft position sensors and camshaft position sensors. Bad sensors can cause a no start or rough idle or stalling issue. If you’ve replaced those sensors or know they’re good, move on to the next step.

town & country rough idle

Camshaft position sensor

Caravan runs rough, Town & Country runs rough due to misfires

A rough engine can be caused by a vacuum leak that allows unmetered air into the engine, an ignition problem, or a fuel injector issue. One easy way to tell is to use a scan tool with live data. If you see a high oxygen sensor reading with a negative fuel trim, you know that you’ve got a misfire problem. If you’re confident that the spark plugs and wires are in good shape, examine the fuel injector wiring harness.

Chrysler fuel injector wiring harness is a known problem

Most car makers run power to the fuel injectors on a common wire. The PCM then provides the ground to each fuel injector on an individual wire as it fires each injector. Unfortunately, Chrysler injector wiring harnesses are a known failure item, especially where the harness routes near the exhaust crossover. The heat from the exhaust crossover can melt the insulation and cause short to ground or open circuits. Check the main and sub-harness under the intake plenum for harness damage. Install a new sub-harness or repair the melted harness to correct the problem.

Chrysler Fuel Injector wiring diagram

caravan wiring diagram

Chrysler, Caravan, Town & Country fuel injector wiring diagram

DORMAN 911089

New fuel injector wiring harness

Buy a new crankshaft position sensor

Buy a new camshaft position sensor

Buy a new fuel injector wiring harness

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