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P1275 Chrysler, Dodge

Diagnose and Fix P1275 Chrysler, Dodge

A P1275 Chrysler, Dodge trouble code is a manufacturer-specific code, which means its definition may not apply to other makes and models. In this case the P1275 Chrysler, Dodge is defined as:

AC Clutch Control Circuit Overcurrent TIPM

What does P1275 mean?

When you operate the AC system in a 2008 and later Chrysler, Plymouth or Dodge vehicle the HVAC controller sends a digital signal to the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM), telling it to supply power to the AC compressor clutch coil. In other words, the TIPM acts like a central relay to switch power on and off to a particular component like the AC compressor clutch.

However, the TIPM also monitors current flow to certain AC compressor clutch componentscomponents. In the case of a P1275, the TIPM is looking for a current draw of LESS THAN 7-amps. If it sees a higher amperage draw, it will set the P1275 trouble code, turn on the check engine light and turn off power to the AC compressor clutch.

Diagnose a P1275 trouble code

Since the code indicates an excessive current draw, start by checking the voltage drop on the AC compressor clutch coil ground connection. If you see a large voltage drop, clean the ground connection and retry.

Next, provide a fused jumper from the battery positive to the AC clutch coil. If the AC clutch does not engage, replace the clutch coil or the entire compressor assembly, whichever is more economical.

If the AC compressor does engage, conduct an amperage draw test using either a low amperage clamp or your DVOM connected in series with the power side of the clutch coil. Normal current draw should be 3-4 amps. If your test shows a higher amp draw, replace the clutch coil or clutch.

If the ground, voltage drop and current draw tests show

Cardone rebuilt TIPM

Cardone rebuilt TIPM

good results, the fault lies in the TIPM. Chrysler has had many problems with their TIPMs. The only fix is to replace the TIPM. Rebuilt TIPMs are available from some aftermarket suppliers like






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