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Carolina Squat front end lifts are illegal in VA

Carolina Squat now illegal in VA

Trucks raised in the front by more than 4″ are now illegal in Virginia. A truck that had been modified with the Carolina Squat was responsible for the death of the 27-year old male. Authorities believe that due to the lifted front end, the driver could not see over a hill when he crashed into the male’s vehicle.

What is the Carolina squat?

The front end of the vehicle is lifted but the back end is kept low.

carolina squat

Carolina squat law specifics

If someone drives a car or truck that has been modified where the front is raised more the 4″ and driven on a public highway, it’s considered a traffic violation and subject to immediate tow at the owner’s expense.

The modification has also been banned in North and South Carolina as well

Virginia law SB 777, covers several modifications and takes into account the vehicles gross weight rating. But the bottom line is that it prohibits modifications that raise the front bumper more than 4″ higher than the rear bumper.

Owners can still perform the modifications and use them at sporting events, but they must be towed to those events, not driven on public roads.

SB 777 also addresses trucks with total body lifts, limiting the maximum height a truck’s body can sit above its frame rails to 3″.


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