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GM forced to recall GMC Terrain vehicles

NHTSA forces GM to issue GMC Terrain recall for headlight issues

NHTSA denied GM’s petition to avoid a GMC Terrain recall for headlights that are out of compliance with S10.15.6 of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No. 108. As a result, GM is issuing a GMC Terrain recall for 740,600 certain 2010-17 GMC Terrain vehicles.

GMC Terrain Headlights cause glare

The NHTSA denial states: “A reflection caused by the headlamps’ housing can project a narrow beam of light 80 degrees outboard and 45 degrees upward of each lamp’s forward-center axis. When tested, the light emitted from this single point on each lamp may be brighter than the maximum designated in section S10.15.6 and Table XIX of FMVSS 108.”

GM petitioned NHTSA in 2019 after determining those vehicles do not fully comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108, which regulates automotive lighting, signaling and reflective devices.

The headlights were modified to comply starting with the 2018 and later model years.

GMC Terrain recall fix

GM is currently working on a fix for the out-of-compliance headlights. Dealers were notified starting March 8. GM vehicle owners will be notified starting April 23.


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