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Change Rear Spark Plugs Ford Taurus

Change Rear Spark Plugs Ford Taurus

Many people are frustrated with the lack of space on the rear bank of the 3.0L Duratec Engine. But I’ll explain how to change rear spark plugs Ford Taurus without removing the intake manifold.

The trick is to remove portions of the plastic cowling. Start by removing the cabin filter cowl, just as you would if you were going to change the cabin filter. Then remove the three 5.5 mm (7/32″) screws and remove the lower cowl. You know have plenty of room to reach the rear spark plugs.

These tools make it even easier:

Locking extension bars prevent the spark plug socket from detaching inside the spark plug tube A spark plug socket with a built-in flex is easier to maneuver than a regular spark plug socket with an add-on universal joint A flex head ratchet gives you more options to feed the socket and extension down the spark plug tube Apply a dab of dielectric grease to the inside of the ignition coil boot. The grease prevents misfire and prevents the rubber boot from permanently attaching itself to the spark plug’s porcelain.

torque wrench

Never tighten spark plugs without a torque wrench. These heads are aluminum and hand torquing can damage the head.

Always replace spark plugs with the engine cold. Trying to remove plugs from a hot engine can rip out the threads. Remember these engines are aluminum.

Remove the ignition coil electrical connector. Use an 8mm socket to remove the ign coil bolt, then twist and remove the coil. Inspect the coil for any cracks. Replace if you find any. Apply a dab of dielectric grease inside the boot.

Connect the 6” locking extension bar to the spark plug socket along with a flex head ratchet. Insert into socket down the spark plug tube, engage the flats of the spark plug and remove it.

Load the new plug into the socket and insert it using just the extension bar. Start threading it by hand ONLY. Make sure you are not cross threaded. Once you know it’s near the bottom, use your torque wrench to seat it to 14 ft.-lbs. This is critical. Overtightening a spark plug in an aluminum head can rip out the threads. It can also distort the metal shell causing the plug to leak and misfire. Under tightening can also cause a leak. But worse, it can cause the plug to blow right out of the hole, taking the threads with it.

Reinstall the ign coil and torque the bolt to spec. Then reinstall the cowling.

So how easy it is to How to Change Rear Spark Plugs Ford Taurus?

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