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Change spark plugs on Triton engine

How to change spark plugs on Triton engine

If you own a Ford truck with the 5.4-liter 3-valve “Triton” or 6.8-liter 3 Valve built before Oct 9, 2007, or the 4.6-liter 3 Valve built before Nov 30, 2007, you should be aware that running your spark plugs too long could result in huge repair bills. The spark plugs corrode and stick in the cylinder head. When you try to unscrew them, the spark plug can break, leaking a portion in the head. You must use care when you change spark plugs on a Change spark plugs on Triton engine. I’ll show you how.

How to remove the high thread spark plugs in Triton engines

The “High thread” spark plugs in these vehicles extend deep into the head and corrosion can literally “weld” them in place. If that happens and you use brute force to remove the plug, you can break it or damage the threads. Then the only way to remove the plug is to buy a $300 extraction tool or replace the cylinder head. Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) # 08-1-9. The bulletin explains in detail how to remove the spark plugs without causing any damage. You MUST follow these directions TO THE LETTER!. I’m not kidding about this.

Step 1: Change spark plugs when the engine is room temperature

• NEVER try to remove the spark plugs if the engine is hot or even warm. You MUST do this at room temperature!
• Next, go to the dealer and buy Motorcraft carburetor tune-up cleaner. No other cleaner is authorized.
• Then remove the coil-on-plug ignition coil and blow out the spark plug wells using compressed air.

Work the spark plugs out slowly

1) Using HAND TOOLS ONLY, back out the spark plug by

triton spark plug, remove spark plugs in ford

High thread HT1 spark plug for Ford engines

NO MORE than 1/8 to ¼ turn.

2) Then add a MAXIMUM of ½ to ¾ TEASPOON of the cleaner to the spark plug well.
3) THEN TAKE A BREAK. Do NOT turn the spark plug in either direction for at least 15-minutes. You MUST allow time for the cleaner to wick down the spark plug threads and onto the grounding shield that’s corroded. Get it? Do NOT work the plug back and forth and DO NOT use more cleaner. Ford warns that using too much cleaner can hydro-lock the engine.
4) After 15 minutes, start to loosen the spark plug by working it back and forth. You may hear the plug threads screeching against the cylinder head threads. That is normal. Do NOT exceed 33 ft-lbs of torque while rocking the plug. Repeat the rocking until the plugs come out. NEVER USE power tools to remove plugs.

When you install the new plugs, coat the grounding shield with a THIN coat of anti-seize compound to prevent future corrosion.

And NEVER run the plugs to the recommended change interval. Always change them early

If you break the plug, don’t worry. See this post on how to use an inexpensive removal kit to remove the broken spark plug.

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