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Remove a stuck spark plug

How to remove a stuck spark plug With longer spark plug life it’s not uncommon to run into a stuck spark plug. But if you exert mega force to remove a stuck spark plug, you can also shear off the threads in the aluminum cylinder head, and that’s a MAJOR repair. Removing a stuck spark plug without damaging the cylinder head takes time and patience. Screw this up and you’ll be in a world of hurt with a repair bill upwards of $500 to $1,200. To take it SLOWLY and … Read More

Change spark plugs Ford Triton engine

How to change spark plugs in Ford Triton engine If you own a Ford truck with the 5.4-liter 3-valve “Triton” or 6.8-liter 3 Valve built before Oct 9, 2007, or the 4.6-liter 3 Valve built before Nov 30, 2007, you should be aware that running your spark plugs too long could result in huge repair bills. The “High thread” spark plugs in these vehicles extend deep into the head and corrosion can literally “weld” them in place. If that happens and you use brute force to remove the plug, you … Read More

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