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Clean a catalytic converter

Can you clean a catalytic converter?

Clean a catalytic converter — will that fix a P0420 or P0430 code?

Probably not. There are lots of articles and youtube videos showing you how to clean a catalytic converter. Some tell you to bath it in water and laundry detergent and degreaser, while others tell you to dump a catalytic converter cleaner in your gas tank.

Whether those methods work will depend on the condition of your catalytic converter.

What causes catalytic converter failure?

Catalytic converter poisoning

The exhaust must be able to contact the precious metals on the wash catalytic convertersurface of the ceramic honeycomb. If the honeycomb is covered with soot, oil, or coolant, it can’t perform the catalytic reaction.

Method 1 to clean deposits

Add a catalytic cleaning product to your gas tank. Catalytic converter cleaners are designed to burn in the combustion chamber and form cleaning gases after combustion. They supposedly clean the poisoning residues off the ceramic brick inside the converter.

Do these cleaners work? Rarely, and even when they do work, the results are usually temporary because the converter has usually been severely compromised prior to the cleaning treatment.

If you try a chemical catalytic converter cleaner and your check engine light goes off, chances are it will return after a few weeks of driving. If it doesn’t, buy a lottery ticket because Lady Luck is on your side. You’re one of the few lucky ones.

Bathing your converter in cleaner

Soot, oil, and coolant can sometimes be removed by disconnecting the converter from the vehicle and soaking it in a degreasing bath overnight.

Be warned that the success rate for this method is very low.

Clogs from high temperatures

If your catalytic converter has been damaged by extra fuel, an oil or coolant leak, and misfires that have caused the convert to overheat and melt, there is NO FIX but to replace the converter.

clogged catalytic converter

Nothing will fix these clogged and melted catalytic converters. they must be replaced

Melted catalytic converters cannot be cleaned

Let’s face it, you murdered your catalytic converter by ignoring misfires and poor running. Now you’ll have to fix the underlying problem and pay the price for your neglect. NOTHING can restore a melted/clogged catalytic converter.

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