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Dodge Neon won’t start and stalls

Dodge Neon won’t start and stalls

If you own either a Dodge or Plymouth Neon and experience a no start or stall condition, you may have a shorted vehicle speed sensor (VSS). vehicle speed sensor, dodge neon, neon no startThe VSS shares the same power circuit as the crankshaft position sensor (CKP) and camshaft position sensor (CMP). The most common way for the VSS to short is power to ground. That prevents the CKP and CMP from getting power. To test, find the VSS on the transmission extension housing. With the connector still on the VSS, backprobe the orange wire with the key turned to RUN. You should see at least 7-volts. If not, unplug the connector from the sensor, turn the key on again and backprobe the orange wire again. If you now get 8 volts, start the engine. If it starts and runs, replace the VSS.

A faulty VSS can also produce intermittent stalling. To confirm a bad VSS, unplug the connector and drive the vehicle. You won’t have a speedometer reading. But if the stalling disappears, you’ve found the culprit. Replace the VSS. Also, if the VSS is leaking and you find transmission fluid in the connector, replace it.


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