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Fix a Subaru Power Window Problem – Most common causes

Diagnose your Subaru Power Window Problem with this power window wiring diagram

If you have a Subaru power window problem, it’s best to start by checking the fuses. If they’re good, use this power window wiring diagram to test along the circuit.

The most common causes of a Subaru power window problem

Window goes down but not up, or vice versa — that is almost always a switch problem, not a motor issue. And, the cause is usually corroded contacts in the driver’s master switch since it’s used more often and exposed to rain and snow more often.

A Window doesn’t move at all — This is most often caused by a broken wire in the door hinge area. These wires break due to the constant flexing when you open/close the door.

Subaru power window wiring diagram


Subaru power window wiring diagram
How power windows work

Unless you have anti-pinch windows, all power windows work on the same principle. The motor has two wires. When you operate the window switch, it provides power and ground to the motor so the motor pulls the window down. To raise it, the window switch reverses polarity. That’s it, it’s a pretty simple system. The take-away is this; if the motor moves one way but not the other way, the motor is usually good. It’s the switch that’s not toggling the polarity.

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