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Fix for a Transmission slips issue on GM trucks

If your transmission slips on a GM truck, get a software update

If you own a 2012 Chevy Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe, or GMC Sierra, Yukon with the 5.3L engine and 6L80 automatic Transmission, read this post. GM has issued a service bulletin to address a Transmission slips on a GM truck issue where the transmission flares during a shift.

The Transmission slips on a GM truck issue appears as a 2-3 shift flare when cold, especially after sitting for a while. The problem is most prevalent in colder climates and it caused by a software issue in the transmission control module (TCM). DON’T replace any parts.

How the software update is performed

Updating transmission software is a common practice in vehicle communication interface-1auto shops. The process involves connecting the vehicle to a computer and using specialized software to update the transmission control module (TCM) with the latest software version. The software update can fix issues with the transmission, improve performance, and enhance fuel efficiency.

The shop downloads the software from GM and onto a laptop computer. They connect the laptop to a Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) using a USB cable. The VCI then connects to the OBDII port with a special cable.

Next, the shop ensures the vehicle battery is fully charged and attaches a supplemental power supple to make sure the PCM has power during the entire update, which can take up to 45 minutes.

Then they launch the update.

Get your vehicle reprogrammed at any GM dealer or independent shop that has reprogramming capabilities. The charge should be less than $200

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