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Fix P0496 code

Fix P0496 code

What is P0496 code?

P0496 is s generic powertrain code that relates to the evaporative emissions system. The official description is P0496 EVAP Flow During a Non-Purge Condition. This means the engine computer is detected air or fuel entering the engine from the purge valve when the computer is not commanding a purge event.

What causes a P0496 code?

A P0496 can be caused by two things:

stuck open purge valve
open vacuum line between the purge valve and the intake manifold.

How to diagnose a P0496 code

1) Disconnect the vacuum line that comes to the purge valve from the charcoal canister.
2) Disconnect the electrical connector from the solenoid valve.
3) Start the engine.
4) Feel for engine vacuum on the port that used to be connected to the vacuum line.

If there’s a vacuum, the valve is stuck open. Replace it.

The purge valve is usually located in the engine compartment.

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