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Ford Focus warning light on

Ford Focus ABS warning light on

Shops are reporting issues with Ford Focus warning light on. The Ford Focus warning light on issue may appear as dimly lit warning lights, bright warning lights, or random warning lights on.

The weirdest part is that the ABS warning light may be lit even if the vehicle doesn’t have ABS.

Don’t jump to the conclusion that you have a short, bad ground, or bad instrument cluster. Apparently some of these vehicles have an accumulation of deposits on the instrument cluster circuit board that cause voltage leaks that light the warning lights.

Shops report good results by removing the instrument cluster and cleaning the circuit board with alcohol and wipes. Brush out the electrical connector using a nylon brush. Then apply a light film of dielectric grease to the terminals in the electrical connector. Reassemble and test. If the problem still exists, conduct normal testing for bad grounds. If the problem goes away, you’ve fixed the issue.

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