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Ford Fusion No start — TSB fix for the prolem

Fix for the Ford Fusion no start problem

Ford has issued a service bulletin #06-20-9 to address a  Ford Fusion No start problem in the following vehicles: 2006-07 Fusion, Milan with the 2.3L engine.

The problem appears as an intermittent crank but no start along with a flashing Passive Antitheft Light (PATS). Ford has determined the cause of the  Ford Fusion No start is related to the radio transmitters found in the shopping carts at some stores like 99 Cent or Dollar. If you notice the problem occurs in parking lots with anti-theft shopping carts, contact a Ford for a new software patch to solve the problem.

How the Ford Fusion no start software is updated

They’ll make sure the vehicle battery is sufficiently charged to avoid power loss during the lengthy update, which can take 30 minutes or more.

Connect Vehicle – The technician will connect their Vehicle Communication Interface to their laptop and the OBDII port on the vehicle.

Initialize Update – The update process is started through the laptop and VCI. The technician will initialize the update procedure and the vehicle will prepare to receive the new software files.

Install Update – The actual installation of the new software onto the vehicle’s computer will now begin. The technician monitors the update’s progress on the scanner. Installation time varies based on update size.

Verification – Once installation is complete, the scanner will verify all software components updated successfully. The technician will check for any error codes or anomalies. Test drives may be performed.

Wrap Up – If the update is verified as successful, the technician will disconnect the scanner and perform any final procedures to complete the service. The customer is notified their vehicle is ready with the latest software.

Software updates allow auto shops to routinely maintain a vehicle’s computer and systems up-to-date. The updates improve performance, add features, and fix bugs in the complex electronic systems modern vehicles rely on. With the proper tools and know-how, auto techs can efficiently perform these important updates for their customers.

Software updates can be performed at any shop that has the proper VCI. You don’t have to go to the dealer.

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