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Ford transmission slips

Ford transmission slips or starts in 5th gear

Backup camera starts in drive

Ford has issued a service bulletin #13-5-27 to address Ford transmission slips problems with multiple vehicles listed below. In addition slipping, the problem appears as neutral doesn’t work, starts in 5th gear from a stop, backup camera turns on in Drive, or the cruise control drops out or doesn’t work at all.

This article addresses these issues and these vehicles

2009-11 Ford Edge

2009-11 Ford Taurus

2009-11 Ford Flex

2009-11 Lincoln MKS, MKX

2010-11 Lincoln MKT

The transmissions in question are the 6F55 and 6F50 built between 3/13/2009 and 6/30/2010. All of these vehicles utilize a digital transmission range selector (TR).

ford transmission range selector

Transmission range selector (TR)

The problems are due to high resistance in the TR. To check your TR, do the following

1) With engine off, key ON, move the shifter to the L or M position

2) Turn the key to OFF

3) Disconnect the electrical connector from the transmission

4) Using an ohmmeter, check the resistance between the following pins in the connector going to the transmission. The top row of pins are numbered 1-10 from left to right


8 and 4

8 and 5

8 and 6

8 and 7

Ford transmission range selector connector wiring diagram for pinout

TR electrical connector

If any of the measurements exceed 5Ω, replace the TR with a new part #9E9Z-7H557-B and 7T4Z-7B210-A retaining pin. Remove the retaining pin using tool #307-696. The pin hold the TR in the transmission case. The 307-696 tool bolts onto the transmission case with two bolts. Slide the cylinder over the head of the retaining pin and then tighten the nut on the threaded shaft. Pull the cylinder up and the retaining pin out of the transmission case. Don’t allow the park pawl actuator to become disengaged from the park pawl. If it becomes disengaged, you’ll have to remove the transmission and disassemble it. You’ve been warned!

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