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Glue for car windows

Glue for car windows

If your window is glued to sill guides or sash clips, you need a special glue for car windows. Many DIYers buy ordinary epoxy and use that. But later when the glass separates from the sash or clip, they have to tear the door apart and fix it again.

Superglue, Gorilla glue and hardware store epoxy will not work. 3M Automix Channel Bonding and Sidelite Adhesive is the adhesive used by carmakers and car glass companies. The special glue for car windows has a 4 to 5 minute open life and drive-away time of one hour (for stationary glass—moveable windows must cure for 24-hours before use).

3m glass adhesive

The 3M epoxy is specifically designed for bonding glass to metal or plastic on vehicles
Recommended for either stationary or movable glass applications. Apply with a 3M Performance Manual Applicator (part number 08190) and 3M™ Static Mixing Nozzle (part number 38191).

How to use 3m glass adhesive

1) Clean the side glass channel of dirt, oil, grease and moisture. Remove any rust on the metal surfaces. Prime bare metal surfaces. Then dry thoroughly.

2) Clean the window glass using glass cleaner. Dry thoroughly.

3) Position the glass in the channel and secure with tape

4) Using the mixing nozzle, squeeze out equal portions of parts A and B and apply the adhesive to the channel/sash clip and the glass. Complete this operation within 3-minutes.

5) Allow the adhesive to set up for 24 hours before using.

3M Channel Bonding Adhesive can be found here for about $25, or do a search for 3M 08641 adhesive

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