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Honda CRV door locks not working

How to fix a Honda CRV door locks not working problem

Honda has issued a service bulletin #14-083 to address problems with Honda CRV door locks not working properly on all 2007-09 Honda CRV vehicles. The service bulletin addresses the front passenger and left and right rear passenger door locks not working. The DRIVER’s door lock actuator not working is NOT part of this bulletin.

Honda CRV driver’s door locks don’t lock or cycles from lock to unlock

To correct the problem, follow Honda’s service procedure

1. Remove the door panel following instructions in the shop manual.

2. Remove the plastic vapor barrier cover to access the door lock actuator assembly.

3. Then check the actuator to find the lot number. You’ll need a mirror and flashlight for this operations.

Honda states that the lot number can be arranged in two different ways:

Digits 1 thru 6 represent the production date. The first two digits are the year, the third and fourth are the month, and the fifth and sixth represent the day. However, some models have a seventh digit which represents the assembly line id.

Honda says that if the production date is August 3, 2008 (080803) or later and the door lock actuator is functioning properly, the door lock actuator is OK and no repair is needed. However, if the production date is August 3, 2008 (080803) or later and the door lock actuator is NOT functioning properly, or the production date is before August 3, 2008 (080803), remove the entire driver’s latch assembly and repair using 06725-SWA-305 kit follow these additional steps. Honda door locks not working

1) Remove the rubber seals from the latch assembly

2) Rotate the outer handle rod 180°

3) Pull the outer handle rod to the fully extended position

4) Remove the outer handle rod by pinching the tip of the lever and the underside of the retaining clip. Remove the handle rod

5) Remove the latch protector cover by removing the two retaining screws.

6) Detach the latch cable from the lock assembly.

7) Disconnect the inner handle cable from the latch by detaching the cable fastener.

8) Remove the two screws and separate the lock subassembly from the door lock actuator

9) Remove the old cable fastener and install a new cable fastener provided in the kit.

10) Use the grease provided in the kit to lubricate the channel that holds the open link.

11) Move the new actuator’s link slider to its highest position and install the actuator to the door lock using the new screws from the kit.

12) Test the actuator.

13) Apply grease to the outer handle rod and install.

14) Attach the inner handle cable and cable fastener.

15) Attach new door latch seal from kit.

Honda door lock actuator

Honda estimates the repair can be complete is less than an hour. The repair kit is #06725-SWA-305








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