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Honda CRV door locks service bulletin 14-084

How to fix Honda CRV door locks that don’t lock or unlock by themselves

Honda CRV door locks service bulletin 14-084 addresses problems with Honda CRV door locks not working properly on all 2007-09 Honda CRV vehicles. The service bulletin addresses the front passenger and left and right rear passenger door locks not working. The DRIVER’s door lock actuator not working is NOT part of this bulletin. Honda CRV door locks not workingThat problem was addressed in a previous service bulletin #14-083 found here. A faulty driver’s door actuator can cause ALL the other actuators to exhibit faulty operation, so you MUST fix the driver’s door actuator before attempting to diagnose and fix the others.

Symptom: Honda driver’s door locks don’t lock or cycles from lock to unlock

Repair: Replace the door latch assembly as a complete unit. Here are the part numbers/

Front Passenger’s Door Latch Assembly  72110-SWA-D01

Right Rear Door Latch Assembly 72610-SWA-A01

Left Rear Door Latch Assembly 72650-SWA-A01

Door Latch Seal 72114-SWA-A01

Door Lock Seal  72115-SWA-A01

Connector Seal 72113-SWA-A01



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