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Honda rodent deterrent tape prevents wire damage

Rodent deterrent tape prevents wire damage from rodents

Use special rodent tape Honda 4018-2317 for wiring repairs

If you encounter a situation where rodents have chewed

Honda tape

Honda 4019_2317 rodent tape

through your vehicle’s wiring, wrap the wires with Honda rodent deterrent tape 4018-2317. The rodent deterring tape is impregnated with a chemical that’s similar to chili pepper. Mice, rats and other rodents may bite into the tape once, but they’ll back off immediately.

Word of warning: Don’t rub your eyes with your hands after using this tape.

Use Honda 4018-2317 tape for long term vehicle storage

Storing your vehicle for a long time? Wrap wires with Honda rodent tape to prevent wiring damage while it’s in storage.

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