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Hyundai Rough idle, no start

Fix Hyundai rough idle, no start

There’s a service bulletin #10-FL-009 to address a Hyundai rough idle, no start condition on the vehicle listed below with the 2.0L and 2.4L engines.

Hyundai has determined that a dirty electronic throttle body hyundai rough idle, clean throttle bodycan cause a Santa Fe rough idle or no start condition. The carbon accumulation in behind the throttle plate and the entire throttle body must be removed before cleaning the carbon buildup. Do NOT, under any circumstances try to clean this buildup by spraying throttle body cleaner directly into the throttle body. That can damage the electronic throttle body.

The carbon buildup can cause any or all of the following symptoms:

• No start caused by lack of airflow due to throttle valve stuck closed

• Rough idle

• “Hunting” or inconsistent idle speed due to low airflow and computer attempts to compensate

• P2118 or P2119 trouble codes, along with P2110:

• P2118: Throttle Actuator Control Motor Current Range/Performance

• P2119: Throttle Actuator Control Throttle Body Range/Performance

• P2110: Throttle Actuator Control System-Forced Limited Power

Hyundai #10-FL-009 service bulletin covers these vehicles:

• 2006-2010 NF Sonata 2.4L

• 2011 YF Sonata 2.4L

• 2010 CM Santa Fe 2.4L

• 2010 LM Tucson 2.4L

• 2009-2010 BK Genesis Coupe 2.0L

How to clean a Hyundai  throttle body

1. Remove the air intake duct from the air cleaner box.

2. With ignition off, remove the electrical connector from the electronic throttle body

3. Remove the 4 ETC throttle body retaining bolts. Then pull out the ETC throttle

body away from the intake manifold.

NOTE: The ETC throttle body has a coolant hose attached. You do not need to remove this hose to clean the ETC.

4. Spray a throttle body cleaner on the throttle valve and bore areas where you see deposits. Do not soak the throttle plate near the shafts that enter the bore. Wipe away the carbon deposits using a soft cloth. Do NOT use abrasive pads to remove the buildup.

5. Reinstall the ETC and torque the bolts to these specifications:

• NF Sonata 2.4L: 0.8~1.0 kgf.m (7.8~9.8 N.m, 5.8~7.2 lb.ft)

• All other 2.0L/2.4L: 1.0~1.2 kgf.m (9.8~11.8 N.m, 7.2~8.7 lb.ft)

NOTE: If you damage the ETC gasket during removal, replace it with a new one. DO NOT attempt to repair a damaged gasket using RTV or any type of gasket sealer.

Perform a Hyundai throttle body relearn procedure

1. Turn the ignition key ON for at least 10 seconds without starting the engine. Then turn the key to OFF for at least 10 seconds.

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