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Is Fuel system service a scam?

Is Fuel system service a scam?

Yes, most of the time fuel system service is a scam

Yeah, that’s a pretty strong statement. But it’s backed up by almost every car maker. Just about every car maker has issued technical service bulletins warning AGAINST routine or preventative fuel injector cleaning services. In fact, some of the TSB’s warn of fuel system damage if the wrong type of fuel injector cleaning solution is used.

Why do shops recommend fuel injector service or fuel system cleaning?

First, it’s a real money maker for them them. It take about 15-minutes to perform and costs them a $9 can of cleaning solvent. When a shop says “We recommend this service,” customers think they’re buying a preventative service that will prevent future problems. Not true.

Do fuel injectors need fuel injector cleaning service?

In some cases, a fuel injector can get clogged, and cleaning can help. But you would notice that in your driving. Your vehicle would have less power, trouble starting, possible rough idle and poor gas mileage. Those are the signs of a clogged or leaking fuel injector. If you’re having any of those symptoms AND the shop has performed a diagnostic and identified clogged or leaking fuel injectors as the cause, THEN you should try a fuel injector cleaning service.

But if you’re not experiencing those problems and the shop is recommending it as a preventative service, SAY NO. Why?

Because Top Tier gasoline already contains fuel injector cleaners. The typical “preventative” or “routine” fuel injector cleaning procedure costs between $100 and $150 at service facilities. Worse yet, the shops promoting fuel injector cleaning are recommending the procedure every 24,000 miles.

It you still have doubts about whether your engine could benefit from a fuel injector cleaning service, try this

There are several products on the market that clean your fuel injectors. Chevron Techron, RedLine fuel system cleaner and Gummout Regane fuel system cleaner contain the same cleaners as Top Tier gas. You add a bottle to your gas tank. One treatment costs less than $10 and does the same thing as a professional fuel injector cleaning. Buy a bottle and add it to the empty tank while you’re at the gas station. Then add gas to mix the cleaner in with the fresh fuel.

Bottom line is this:

Don’t fall for these scams. You do NOT need routine fuel injector service if your engine is running fine.

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