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Mazda wipers

Diagnose Mazda wipers

Mazda uses a wiper switch with series resistors to act as an input to the passenger junction box which switches power to the wiper motor. If the Mazda wipers don’t work, disconnect the wiper motor connector and check for battery voltage on the white/black and white green wires when the switch is in the Hi or Lo speed state (see wiper wiring diagram below). If you see battery voltage but the wiper motor isn’t running, check the wiper motor ground connection. If that’s good, the motor is bad.

mazda wiper wiring diagram

If you’re not getting power on those wires and wiper fuse 20A is good, then the problem is internal to the PJB or a bad wiper switch. Grab a diagnostic chart from alldatadiy.com or eautorepair.net and check the resistance values on the wiper switch contacts
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