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Stabilizer bushing noise — Mazda

Mazda service bulletin on stabilizer bushing noise

Mazda has issued a service bulletin #02-003/19 warning shops and DIYers not to ever lubricate the stabilizer bar bushings on the vehicles listed below with any type of lubricant. The bushings used on these vehicles are a different style from normal stabilizer bar bushingstabilizer bar bushings. They are a grip type bushing on the front and rear stabilizer bars. The bushings are specially designed to prevent noise and lubricating these bushings will actually defeat the purpose of the grip-type style, resulting in noise. Since the bushings grip the stabilizer bar, lubrication will cause the bushing to slip and make noise.

Vehicles affected by Mazda service bulletin #02-003/19

2016-2019 CX-3
2013-2019 CX-5
2016-2019 CX-9
2016-2019 Mazda2
2014-2019 Mazda3
2014-2019 Mazda6

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