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Nissan key fob relearn process

Reprogram Nissan key fob relearn procedure

If your Nissan key fob doesn’t work after battery Nissan key fob programmingreplacement, try this Nissan key fob relearn procedure

Read the entire procedure first because there are time limits between steps

Step by step guide to perform a Nissan key fob relearn

1 Sit inside vehicle and close all doors

2 Unlock the doors using the power door lock on the driver’s door (NOT your keyfob)

3 In this step you’ll remove and insert the key multiple times. With the final insert you’ll turn the lock cylinder to the ON position (not the start or ACC position).

Remove and insert the key 6 times within 10 seconds, finishing by turning  the key to the ON position. The doors should unlock. If not, start the procedure again.

4 Within 3 seconds of the doors unlocking, turn the key to the ACC position and lock the doors using the power door lock switch.

5 Press the lock or unlock button on your keyfob. The doors should all unlock simultaneously

6. Lock the doors using the power door lock button on the drivers’s door.

7 Press the lock or unlock button on the keyfob. All doors should unlock simultaneously

8 Open the driver’s door to end the registration process

Then try using the keyfob to lock and unlock doors and start the vehicle. If it works, that’s proof that the key fob had lost it’s pairing with the vehicle. If it doesn’t work, repeat the entire Nissan key fob relearn paying close attention to the timing

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