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No start Silverado — Service Bulletin Fix

Cause of no start Silverado, Sierra

Dead battery, no start Silverado, Sierra

GM has issued a service bulletin 12-08-57-001 to address a no start Silverado issue that is caused by a weak or dead battery. The problem may or may not also include any of the following trouble codes U0140, U0151, U0164, U0168, U0214, U0155, U0184, U0194, U0198, B1019, U0170, C0561

Vehicles affected by service bulletin 12-08-57-001

2008-2012 Chevrolet Silverado
2008-2012 GMC Sierra

No start Silverado symptoms

If you encounter no crank/no start, a weak/dead battery or battery drain condition on the above vehicles and any of the above listed trouble codes, GM recommends you check for water on the rear floor.

Silverado, Sierra water leak

no start silverdao

Remote control door lock receiver (RCDLR)

GM has identified a source of water leaks in these vehicles that can cause water to pool on the rear floor which can enter the remote control door lock receiver (RCDLR) and cause corrosion issues. Check the RCDLR module and no start silveradoconnector for corrosion. This corrosion can cause the battery drain, no start, no crank condition. The water leak occurs in heavy rain and enters through the center high mounted brake light assembly. The water then flows down through the B or C pillars to pool on the rear floor. The water leak may be visible as a water stain on the headliner.

Fix the water leak

Remove and clean the read high mount stop light assembly.

kent seam sealer

Kent seam sealer

Then apply Kent Automotive High Tech™ Clear Seam Sealer (P/N P10200 5 oz. tube), or equivalent, to the outer edge of the lamp surface. This product will reseal the lamp assembly when you reinstall it.

Then clean the corrosion from the RCDLR using stabilant and dielectric grease.

Detoxit contact conditioner to stop corrosion and fretting on electrical contacts

Electrical contact enhancer

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