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Steering jerks

How to diagnose and fix steering jerks condition on GM vehicles

GM has issued a service bulletin PIT5405C to address a steering jerks, reduced power steering assist, engine stall, no start, service stabilitrack, instrument panel cluster, HVAC goes blank and various trouble code condition on the following vehicles:

2015-2017 Cadillac Escalade Models

2014 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

2015-2017 Chevrolet Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe

2014 GMC Sierra 1500

2015-2017 GMC Sierra, Yukon Models

The service bulletin states that you many have one or more of the following symptoms from the root cause. The symptoms are more likely to occur when stopped, at low speeds, when turning or when additional load is applied to the electrical system.

• Reduced or loss of power steering assist

• Steering wheel jerks or kicks back when turning

• Service Stabilitrak message on the driver information center accompanied by a warning chime

• Engine stall

• Instrument panel cluster goes blank or is inoperative

• Radio goes blank

• HVAC control goes blank

• Hood ajar message appears and dome lamps flash when shifting into reverse

• Alarm sounds when locking doors or door locks cycling between lock and unlock

• Wipers continue to run for a short time after turning off and then stop/park in the incorrect location

• Any of the following trouble codes: U0073, U0078, U0029, U0028, U0415, U0140, U0126, U0121, U0101, U0100, C0544, C0710, U1510, B127B, B2605, B3600, C0800, U0428, U0452, U0131, and P0513

The body control module is the common thread

GM has identified an improper body control module ground as one possible cause of all these problems. Ground G218

GM has also identified a possible battery cable problem that can cause these problems. Look for a loose starter shield contacting the starter battery terminal ring or a starter cable ring terminal that has been mis-installed or rotated when installed.

GM has also identified battery cables with high resistance at the battery fuse block or positive or negative battery cables.

GM has also identified a loose connection at the main power and ground 2-way connector for the power steering rack.

Inspect Ground G218

Check that the grounding nut isn’t loose, cross

steering jerks

Ground stud G213

threaded or corroded. Also, check to make sure the dash insulation mat isn’t caught between the ground eyelet and the stud. If it is caught, cut a portion of the mat so it won’t interfere.

steering jerks

Caught dash mat

Inspect starter solenoid battery cable

Check to make sure the battery cable ring isn’t contacting the starter heat shield

service stabilitrack

Starter heat shield

Check for high resistance or loose connection at the battery fuse block and the battery cables.

GM advises that the battery posts must extend ABOVE the battery terminal clamp at least .040-.080. The battery terminal

steering jerks

Post must extend above battery terminal

nuts must be tightened to 62/in-lbs. Make sure the clamps don’t rotate on the battery post.

Inspect the connector for the power steering rack

Disconnect the electrical connector to the power steering rack and check for backed out terminals and corrosion.

steering jerks

Power steering rack connector

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