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Nucap NRS Brake Pads

Now you can buy complete Nucap NRS brake pads

Nucap is a major player in the brake parts market and now they’re offering complete Nucap NRS brake pad sets. Nucap sells their galvanized backing plates to Tier 1 brake parts suppliers and to aftermarket brake pad manufacturers. They’ve also developed a unique NRS™ brake pad retention system that bonds the friction material to the backing plate without glue.

The NRS backing plate contains hundreds of small hooks.

Nucap NRS backing palte

Nucap NRS backing plates mechanically bond the friction material to the backing plate with hooks

The friction material is formed around the hooks, so its actually mechanically attached to the backing plate. That eliminates all the problems of glue breakdown from heat and vibration.

The NRS backing plate is stiffer than traditional backing plates and is zinc plated to provide a fully galvanized surface to eliminate rusting. For the first time, you’re looking at a backing plate that will outlast the friction material. To see what that means, take a look at this post.

Nucap premium brake pads come with everything you need

Take a look at these brake pads for a 2017 Audi A1. This is what comes in the box. You get

4 Galvanized NRS Brake Pads

nucap brake pads

Nucap NRS brake pads with shims and piston cushion.

4 NU-Lok Floating Anti Noise Shims
1 Electronic Wear Sensor
2 Noise Cancelling Piston Cushion

The piston cushion snaps into the caliper piston and adds an extra noise dampening layer to your brake system.

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Nucap NRS brake pad availability

Nucap NRS brake pads are available for the following makes and models:

2017 AUDI A1
1996‐2004 AUDI A4
1998‐2004 AUDI A6
1999‐2000 AUDI A8
2000‐2006 AUDI TT
2009‐2015 CADILLAC CTS
2000‐2005 CADILLAC DeVille
2006‐2010 CADILLAC DTS
2008‐2017 CADILLAC Escalade / Escalde ESV
2013‐2015 CADILLAC XTS
2012‐2015 CHEVROLET Camaro
2015‐2017 CHEVROLET Corve????e
2008‐2013 CHEVROLET TRUCK Avalanche 1500 / 2500
2007‐2010 CHEVROLET TRUCK C4500/5500/7500 Kodiak
2013‐2017 CHEVROLET TRUCK Cheyenne
2009‐2017 CHEVROLET TRUCK Express 1500/2500/3500/4500
2001‐2014 CHEVROLET TRUCK Silverado 1500/2500/3500
2000‐2015 CHEVROLET TRUCK Suburban 1500/2500
2004‐2010 CHEVROLET TRUCK T6500/T7500
2008‐2017 CHEVROLET TRUCK Tahoe
2013‐2014 CHRYSLER 200
2003‐2014 CHRYSLER 200
2005‐2016 CHRYSLER 300
2007‐2009 CHRYSLER Aspen
2001‐2007 CHRYSLER Town & Country
2013‐2014 DODGE Avenger
2008‐2009 DODGE Caliber
2001‐2007 DODGE Caravan
2009‐2016 DODGE Challenger
2006‐2016 DODGE Charger
2001‐2017 DODGE Grand Caravan
2005‐2008 DODGE Magnum
2003‐2011 DODGE TRUCK Dakota
2007‐2009 DODGE TRUCK Durango
2005‐2010 DODGE TRUCK Ram 1500 /2500/3500
2003‐2017 FORD TRUCK Expedi????on
2004‐2017 FORD TRUCK F‐150/250/350/450/550
2008‐2016 FORD TRUCK F53
2006‐2007 FORD TRUCK LCF
2011 GMC TRUCK C2500/C3500
2003‐2010 GMC TRUCK C4500 Topkick /5500/6500/7500
2011 GMC TRUCK K2500/ K3500
2009‐2015 GMC TRUCK Savana 1500/2500/3500/4500
2009‐2015 GMC TRUCK Sierra 1500/2500/3500/4500
2008‐2015 GMC TRUCK Yukon/Yukon XL
2003‐2004 HINO 185
2003‐2009 HUMMER H2
1997‐2001 JEEP Cherokee
1997‐2017 JEEP Grand Cherokee
1997‐2006 JEEP Wrangler
2008 KENWORTH T Series
2006‐2008 LINCOLN Mark LT
2013‐2016 LINCOLN MKT
2003‐2017 LINCOLN Navigator
1998‐2005 MERCEDES‐BENZ ML320
2006‐2010 MITSUBISHI Raider
2008‐2010 PEUGEOT Manager
2011‐2016 RAM 1500/2500/3500
2011 RAM Dakota
2014‐2015 RAM ProMaster 1500/2500/3500
2006‐2009 SAAB 9‐5
2015 SEAT Ibiza
1993‐2010 TOYOTA Coaster
1998‐2015 VOLKSWAGEN Beetle
1996‐2016 VOLKSWAGEN Golf
1996‐2015 VOLKSWAGEN Je????a
1996‐2015 VOLKSWAGEN Passat
1998‐2005 VOLVO C70

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