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P0401 EGR insufficient flow – Chrysler Minivan

Fix trouble code P0401 egr insufficient flow – Chrysler Minivan

Late model Chrysler Minivans are known to post P0401 egr insufficient flow codes P0401-P0408. The egr valve is like an electronic solenoid that pulls the pintel off its seat. A position sensor at the top of the valve measures how far the pintel shaft has actually moved versus how much the computer commanded it to move. It’s the position sensor that goes bad (see plunger in photo). The problem may be in the sensor, but the fix is in replacing the entire egr valve. The sensor cannot be serviced separatelyEGR Valve, caravan, voyager, P0401, town and country, Chryslerely.  Make sure you purchase the gasket that goes between the valve and the intake air tube—that gasket does NOT come with the new valve.

The installation is easy. Wait until the engine is cool though. Unplug the electrical connector. Remove the two bolts holding the intake air tube to the top of the valve. Then remove the two bolts that hold the valve to the cylinder head. The bottom bolt is a little tricky to remove because it appears that the alternator is in the way. But you can get the bolt out without removing the alternator. Simply switch to ¼-in drive sockets and an extension and slip it in over the bolt head. EGR, position sensor, P0401, Caravan

Install the new valve with the metal stainless steel gasket and tighten to spec with a torque wrench. Then attach the intake tube to the top.


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