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EGR valve P0403 P0404

Fix code P0403 P0404 EGR valve If you get a P0403 or P0404 EGR valve code on a Dodge, Plymouth, or Chrysler vehicle you might want to replace the complete EGR assembly. But you don’t always have to. These two trouble codes are usually caused by a bad EGR transducer. The dealer doesn’t sell just the EGR transducer, making you buy the entire EGR valve. But Standard Motor parts now sells just the transducer so you can save money and avoid disassembling the entire valve and the EGR tube. Click here … Read More


P0404 Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Circuit Range Performance If you have a P0404 EExhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Circuit Range Performance trouble code, read this to understand what it means Engines recirculate a small amount of exhaust back into the intake manifold to reduce combustion temperatures and lower smog causing oxides of nitrogen emissions. The computer commands the EGR valve to open a certain amount and then checks to make sure it’s operating properly. One way to check is to mount a position sensor on the shaft of the EGR valve … Read More

P0401 EGR insufficient flow – Chrysler Minivan

Fix trouble code P0401 egr insufficient flow – Chrysler Minivan Late model Chrysler Minivans are known to post P0401 egr insufficient flow codes P0401-P0408. The egr valve is like an electronic solenoid that pulls the pintel off its seat. A position sensor at the top of the valve measures how far the pintel shaft has actually moved versus how much the computer commanded it to move. It’s the position sensor that goes bad (see plunger in photo). The problem may be in the sensor, but the fix is in replacing the … Read More

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