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P0507 and Idle relearn procedure Nissan

P0507 Idle speed control system RPM higher than expected

What causes P0507

Carbon buildup in the throttle body can reach the point where the
ECM sets a P0507 trouble code, requiring an idle speed relearn procedure.

Late model Nissan engines are equipped with an Electronic throttle body for a Nissanelectronic throttle body. The ECM commands a throttle plate opening to maintain the lowest possible idle speed based on engine temperature. This is called the target engine speed. The target speed takes into account factors like engine temperature, declaration, engine loads like AC, power steering, cooling fan and other electrical loads.

Over time, carbon builds up on the throttle plate and in the throat of the throttle body, the ECM adjusts throttle plate opening to compensate for the buildup. At a certain point, the ECM can no longer compensate and sets a P0507 trouble code.

Cleaning an electronic throttle body is just part of the procedure

You must remove the electronic throttle body to clean it. Apply throttle body cleaner to a clean rag and wipe the carbon off the throat and throttle plate. Do NOT EVER spray throttle body cleaner directly onto the throttle plate. The cleaner can wick into the electronics and damage them. Once the throttle body has been cleaned, reinstall on the intake manifold using a new gasket and proper torqueing procedures. Then perform an idle relearn procedure.

Four-step Nissan Idle relearn procedure

This is a three step process; Accelerator pedal released learning, then a throttle valve closed position relearning, and finally an idle air volume learning step.

Nissan accelerator pedal released relearn

With your foot off the pedal, turn the key to ON and wait for 2-seconds.

Turn the key to OFF and wait at least 10-seconds.

Turn the key to ON and wait at least 2-seconds

Turn the key to OFF and wait at least 10-seconds

Turn the key to ON and wait at least 2-seconds

Turn the key to OFF and wait at least 10-seconds

Nissan Throttle valve closed learning position

With your foot off the pedal, turn the key to ON and then OFF. Wait at least 10-seconds

Listen for the sound of the throttle body motor to verify the throttle plate is moving

Nissan Idle air volume relearn

Yu must perform all these preparations steps before performing the idle air relearn or it won’t work.

Battery voltage must be above 12.9 volts at idle

Engine and transmission fully warmed up and transmission in park or neutral.

Engine and transmission fully warmed up. Transmission temperature sensor reading must read less than 0.9 volts

Transmission in Park or Neutral—vehicle stopped

All electrical loads OFF

Steering wheel straight ahead

Foot off the pedal

Turn key on for EXACTLY 3-seconds, then fully depress the pedal quickly FIVE time WITHIN 5 SECONDS.

Wait EXACTLY 7 seconds and press the pedal and keep it depressed for about 10 seconds until the check engine light starts blinking. If the check engine doesn’t blink after 20 seconds, turn the key to the OFF position. Wait at least 10 seconds and begin the procedure from the start.

Once the check engine lights starts blinking, let it continue blinking until it finally comes on STEADY. Once it’s steady, release the pedal within 3 seconds and start the engine. Let it idle. The real learning process begins once you start the engine, so all the previous steps were designed to put it into learning mode.

Let the engine idle for 20 seconds or until you notice a drop in RPM.

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