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P050D Chrysler service bulletin 18-001-10

P050D fix from service bulletin 18-001-10

Chrysler has issued a service bulletin 18-001-10 to address a P050D  Cold Start Rough Idle trouble code on the vehicles listed below. Do NOT perform normal diagnostic on the battery, throttle body or fuel until you have performed the FLASH update listed below. This P050D is set due to a software problem.

What is a P050D trouble code?

During a cold start, the PCM monitors the difference between ambient air temperature and the engine coolant temp sensor with the engine idling. If engine is 50RPM or more below the targeted idle speed for more than 3-seconds and spark advance timing is above the failure threshold for more than the specified limit, the PCM will set a P050D Cold Start Rough Idle trouble code.

Vehicles affected

2008 – 2010 Town & Country and Plymouth Grand Voyager with the 4.0L engine and 62TE transmission built before 12/09/2009 or a
2010 Dodge Journey with 2..7L or 3.5L engine built before 12/17/09
2010 Chrysler Sebring, Avenger, Sebring Convertible with 2.7L or 3.5L engine built before 12/17/09
2009 Jeep Commander with 4.7L engine
2009 Grand Cherokee with 4.7L engine

Fix for P050D trouble code

Reprogram the PCM with a FLASH update.

If the trouble code returns after the FLASH, check these items:

P050D can be caused by
Restricted air intake
Low battery voltage
Fuel contamination
Excessive resistance in the ETC
Worn, carboned or iced Throttle Body
Faulty PCM

How to get a FLASH update

All Chrysler dealers can provide the FLASH software update to fix the P013A trouble code. But many independent shops can also perform the update. Contact a local independently owned shop and ask them if they can perform a flash update on your vehicle.

See this post for more information on FLASH updates

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