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P013A Service bulletin 18-035-09 for Dodge and Chrysler

Details of service bulletin 18-035-09 for P013A on Grand Voyager  and Town and Country Vans

Chrysler has issued a service bulletin 18-035-09 to address a P013A condition on the vehicles listed below. The P0013A O2 Sensors 1 2 slow response – rich-to-lean trouble code is caused by a software glitch. Do not replace the oxygen sensor until you’ve updated the software.

Vehicles affected by service bulletin 18-035-09

2008 – 2010 (RT) Town & Country/Grand Voyager equipped with a 3.3L or 3.8L engine and a build date BEFORE November 26, 2009 and showing P013A.

How to get a FLASH update

All Chrysler dealers can provide the FLASH software update to fix the P013A trouble code. But many independent shops can also perform the update. Contact a local independently owned shop and ask them if they can perform a flash update on your vehicle.

See this post for more information on FLASH updates

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