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P1135 Toyota

Diagnose and fix a P1135 Toyota trouble code

A P1135 Toyota trouble code is defined as A/F sensor heater circuit malfunction (Bank 1 Sensor 1). Air/fuel sensors don’t start providing data to the PCM until they reach a certain temperature. To speed up the heating and not rely solely on exhaust heat, the air/fuel sensor has a built in heater.

Causes of P1135 Toyota Rav 4 trouble code

We’ll use a 2002 Toyota RAV 4 in this example. Since this P1135 Toyota code refers to the heater circuit, that’s where you should start your diagnosis. The air/fuel sensor gets power from the air/fuel relay located in the engine compartment junction box. Plus, that circuit is fused by the A/F fuse. Begin diagnosing a P1135 problem by checking the A/F fuse. If it’s good, check for battery power coming out of the engine compartment junction box on the black/red wire, or check the black/red wire at the air/fuel sensor with key ON. If you see power on that wire, check for good ground on the white wire at the air/fuel sensor. If you see power and ground, you’ve confirmed that the problem is a bad air/fuel sensor.

Replace the air fuel sensor to fix the P1135 problem.

This is a screw in style air/fuel sensor. If it’s original, it’s probably a 7/8” hex. P1135Start the engine and let it heat up for a bit before trying to remove the sensor. Then use a wrench or an oxygen sensor socket to remove the air/fuel sensor. The new sensor will come with a dab of anti-seize compound already in place. Don’t add more.

P1135 air fuel sensor

Clear the P1135 trouble code

Use your code reader or scan tool to clear the trouble code. Then take it for a test drive.

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